Why these classes!


One of the things that I use to see as an electronics instructor was how the new students struggled for several months when they first started school. The struggle was for several reasons in several different areas. For many students, first, it was the going back to school part. For some, it was the learning part. Yet for others, it was the basic math they had forgotten.

After talking with several college and vocational school electrical and electronics instructors, it seems the problem may have gotten worse over the years. This problem is one that I believe I can help solve with just a week of organized on-line tutoring. To make sure that I can have the greatest impact on each student, classes are limited to 6 students

I will be tutoring on-line live. We have made on-line tutoring our primary way of teaching. This will allow me to teach students located just about anywhere. If you are interested in taking a class please see the class page, choose your class and register before it fills up.

For more details on the planned classes and schedules, please visit my "CLASSES" page, using the link at the top of this page.


I am Edward Addy, "Your Instructor".


I have been working with electricity for over 4 decades.

The short story is, I started my career in the US Army as a Telephone Wireman, then Lineman then advanced again to being a High Powered Tactical Radio Operator and Radio Technician. After my military service, I attended the university majoring in Electronics and minoring in Computer Science. Then I started my civilian career as an electronics technician working for Control Data Corp., then moved to Electrocraft Corp. where I was promoted to an engineering technician. Several years later I was offered a post secondary teaching position for electronics and basic math.

After teaching for several years I was offered a radio communications position as a radio operator and radio technician at the South Pole Station, Antarctica. When I was finished down there I started my own communications company which I ran for 18 years. I then took a position at the top of the world as a long-range radar technician in Point Barrow, Alaska.

This career has given me an exciting and interesting life. I have been able to travel with this career around the US, to Alaska, to Germany, to New Zealand, and even as far away as the South Pole.

I have now retired, and have decided to keep active in the electronics field by teaching a series of classes to help those that are going into either the electrical or electronics fields. Helping them to enter their future school with stronger basic math skills and a basic understanding of electricity. These classes will be live on-line, interactive and taught in the English language. Using modern meeting technology I can help students from a larger geographic area get better grades when they start school for their careers as an electrician or an electronics technician.