Why this class!


One of the things that I use to see as an instructor was how the new students use to struggle for several months when they started school. The struggle was for several reasons in several different areas. For many students, first, it was the going back to school part. For some, it was the learning part. Yet for others, it was the basic math they had forgotten.

After talking with several college and vocational school electrical and electronics instructors, it seems the problem may have gotten worse over the years. This problem is one that I believe I can solve with just a month of organized tutoring. This tutoring would consist of 12 classes spread out over a month, each class 2 hours in length.

Because everyone is so busy nowadays, I have set the classes up at several different times throughout the day. That way, everyone should be able to find a time that works best for them. Also, rather than have everyone go to a single location for a classroom, we have set up the classes so that you can take them online, thus saving wear and tear on your car, travel time, and gas money. Classes 101-1A, 101-1B, and 101-1C in April, you will be able to close whether you want to attend class in the classroom, located in Aurora, Minnesota, or you want to participate online. Both online and classroom courses are interactive and require your attendance. We have made the online classes our primary way of teaching these classes, which will allow me to teach students located around the U.S. and Canada.

For more details on the classes and schedules, please visit the "CLASSES" page, using the link at the top of the page.


About the Instructor.


I am Edward Addy. I enjoyed being a post-secondary electronics instructor for several years in Minneapolis.  I have worked in the electronics and radio communications field most of my life, and it has taken me as far away from home as Alaska and the South Pole.

For many years I owned several businesses.  Before I retired, I sold my last company. I have decided to go back into teaching to keep occupied and active in my career field.


The idea behind the classes is to help give students, that are going into a career in electronics or electrical, a leg up with basic knowledge of math and electricity, which students going into either career will need.  This tutoring should allow the students to be more prepared and get better grades  when they do start college or vocational school. Not to mention removing a lot of stress.


When not working Edward and his wife Becky enjoy spending time aboard their boat, The Sandra Faye kept on Lake Superior.