Electricity 101

This class will give you a basic understanding of electricity.  What it is, how it works, how it's measured, and some of how to control it.

Classes are 2 hours in length and held three days a week for four weeks.

Electricity 102


This class will give you a more advanced basic understanding of electricity and some of the many components making up electrical and electronic circuits.

Classes are 2 hours in length and held three days a week for four weeks. 

Corporate Training

If your company or organization has training needs, perhaps in multiple locations, we may be able to conduct the training remotely and interactively. We can handle groups as large as 100 or more. We can even let you know who attended and who did not.

Training scheduled as needed.

* Students must be fluent in the English language.




Class Length 2 Hours Per Day

Electricity 101 & Prep-Math Mon., Wed. and Fri.

Electricity 102 Days & Times to be determined

Location Classes will be student interactive and held on-line, to serve students from a wider geographic area.





We can be contacted using the information below or by using the form on the contact page.

Addy Online Educational Services
Attn: Edward Addy
103 W. 3rd Ave. N.
Aurora, MN  55705

Phone: (218)-305-4100

I am Edward Addy

The Instructor

I have been in electronics for decades. The short story is I started my career in the US Army as a telephone wireman, then lineman then on to being a high powered tactical radio operator and radio technician. After my military service I attended the university. Then started my civilian career as an electronics technician, then promoted to an engineering technician, then on to teaching electronics and basic math. Then into radio communications again as an operator and radio technician at the bottom of the world then ending up as a long range radar technician in Alaska. This career has given me an interesting life. I have been able to travel with this career around the US, to Alaska, to Germany, New Zealand and even as far away as the South Pole Antarctica.


I have now retired and have decided to keep active in the electronics field by again teaching a series of classes to help those individuals that are going into either the electric or electronics fields. Helping them to enter their future school with basic math skills and a basic understanding of electricity. These classes will be taught live on-line and be interactive, using modern meeting technology. This will make it easier for students to attend and from a wider geographic area.

We have set the times of our classes through out the day to allow those working or still attending high school to attend. We have also set our class prices low enough so that most people will be able to attend, yet high enough to keep out those that are not really serious. We plan to start our first classes in March. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 20 students.

I look forward to seeing you as a student.